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High Risk Markets also have High Rewards, but knowledge and automation are key

Higher Risk = Challenges

Providing services to higher risk markets requires more overhead. This includes  business validation, operational checkpoints, and comprehensive reviews. If you are doing this manually then it can mean doubling staff, heavy training and setting up satellite branches. 


This process can be compounded when branches are closed or reducing staff. 

Misty Slopes

Heavy Deposits & Fee Income Opportunities

High-risk business markets present massive opportunities for generating deposits, lending, and fee revenue - but maintaining compliance and risk mitigation on an ongoing basis can be challenging.


VeriLeaf streamlines decision-making for onboarding high-risk businesses and offers comprehensive tools to conduct reviews and ongoing due diligence processes.  

No more operating off of spreadsheets, secure email, and zip files. With VeriLeaf, institutions can easily organize and maintain digital audit trails on all of their high-risk business accounts in one centralized system.


From Lead Gen to onboarding to EDD, VeriLeaf helps institutions unlock their potential in higher-risk industries.

We have the Solution

VeriLeaf leverages state-specific requirements and the FI’s compliance program to streamline qualification, risk assessment, and onboarding of high-risk businesses such as Hemp & CBD, ATMs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and more.

We eliminate manual processes and overhead costs by optimizing onboarding and ongoing compliance processes, so that both the FI and their customers can focus on what they do best. With VeriLeaf, FI’s are able to provide a first class experience for their teams and their customers, all while reducing the time to an account from weeks to a matter of hours.

LeadGen & Onboarding

Institutions leverage VeriLeaf's Lead Gen funnels and pre-qual filtering to remove unqualified leads early in the process, and deliver the qualified candidates that match their customer profile. 



VeriLeaf's FirstPass examines third party data sources to review business formation, licenses & certifications, key stakeholders, related businesses, and business operations. We do the research and give your team the tools and confidence necessary to conduct due diligence and properly assess risk.

Compliance Program Design & Board Support

Work with VeriLeaf's Compliance Consulting team to develop and implement plans, policies, and procedures for all of your high-risk business markets. High risk markets include; Hemp & CBD, Alcohol, Gambling, Tobacco, ATMs, Cannabis, and more!

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Ongoing: Reviews & Checkpoints

Conduct ongoing due diligence with VeriLeaf CheckPoints and access dynamic review forms configured to the high-risk business type, state-specific legal considerations, and your institution's policies.

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