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Helping Community FIs

At Q2ebanking (QTWO), we had a prevailing drive; it was unescapable, palatable even. It was to help community FIs in every way. Part of this principle is that community FIs are not the bad offenders from Wall Street, they are the bedrock of Main Street. Who took the bail-outs after all? 

This assistance didn’t only mean technology and services but it often meant being a good partner and friend. We participated in hundreds of important projects from core conversions, to bill pay and even negotiated tech terms for a small Kansas FI’s acquisition of a BofA branches.

Building accurate and affordable solutions for community FIs meant they were able to provide more services to small and medium businesses: translation Moms and Pops across the country.

Today we take for granted the necessity of a bank account as a consumer, but especially so as a business. It’s a given, you need a financial institution as much as you need an accounting system or inventory. Transacting all in cash is akin to keeping your books on paper ledger.

That’s the reality for the majority of legitimate cannabis businesses and it creates a whole host of problems including payment issues and safety risks for the general public. 

We are dedicated to providing automation and risk tools to FIs to be able to serve these community businesses.

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