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Tell Us About Your Needs & Let Us Do The Leg Work

Fast - Flexible - Free 

Finding a bank account as a hemp/CBD business does not have to be a challenging or time-consuming endeavor. Far too often, we hear from businesses who are struggling to navigate and gain access to basic banking and financial services. 

You have a business to run, we understand that finding and managing your bank cannot be your full-time, or even part-time, job. 

With VeriLeaf, we do the leg work to get you connected with hemp-friendly institutions and the ability to build healthy, productive relationships - without making a career of it. 

How Does It Work?

What's In It For You?

1. Tell us about your business and needs by creating your VeriLeaf Profile (takes less than 1 minute)

2. Our match analysis and a VeriLeaf team member will review your Profile and match you with an institution that fits your needs. 

3. Within 5-7 days, VeriLeaf will connect you with at least one institution and help to coordinate next steps to begin the account opening process

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 9.45.33 AM.png
Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 9.43.57 AM.png
Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 9.38.11 AM.png

Take a minute to tell us about your business needs and let us take care of the rest. 

Streamline account opening with an array of service providers - At no cost to you

Get access to a directory of hemp-friendly banks, lenders, insurance providers and more.


Interact with a community of like-minded businesses and exchange tips and tricks from your experience 


Get Started Here!

It's simple; click the button below and complete your profile in under 1-minute. Once completed, a VeriLeaf rep will be in touch within 5-7 days with a list of provider options and details on next steps. 

Finding great banking and financial service partners for your hemp business just got a whole lot easier!

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